6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Pass Up An Engagement Photography Shoot

If you’re ready to tie the knot with your partner, you’re undoubtedly in a tizzy looking to make sure that all of the preparations are going to be in order. Many couples only hire photographers for their wedding day, and very few remember that engagement photography is just as important. Getting engaged for the first time can be a beautiful event in and of itself, definitely something worth remembering for years to come.

Very few couples are willing to spend money on engagement photography, but hopefully, the following article will change your mind!

1. When you’re freshly engaged, it is a beautiful moment in your life. Getting photographs of the event can capture your emotions on film. After you’ve been engaged for months, the planning of your wedding will get in the way of things and stress will become a bit more evident in the way you act like a couple. For that reason, getting engagement photos early on is a good call.

2. Your engagement photos are all about you, so you have complete control over the event itself. You can pick the place that means the most to you as a couple and get some great shots of you together without the interference of friends and family. Get creative with your photos and don’t forget to bring plenty of accessories!

3. The photos you get taken of your engagement aren’t just destined to sit in picture frames in your foyer. In fact, in preparation for your wedding day, you can opt to use these photographs on your invitations or place cards. You can even go one step further and have your engagement photos turned into an awesome coffee table book for everyone to see!

4. On your wedding day, photographers are going to be watching your every move. If you’ve never really had professional photos taken before, it can be nerve-wracking to get them done for the first time. An engagement photo shoot is a fantastic and often overlooked way of getting ready for the main event and squeezing some practice in. When you’re comfortable in front of the camera as a couple, that will show when a photographer is present at your wedding.

5. You can test out your wedding photographer and see how well he or she can communicate your story and emotions through your engagement photos. A great photographer will be interested in your love story and will know just how to pose you together to create a picture perfect moment. If there are any shortcomings that your photographer may have, this is a good time to communicate those problems to him or her. In the off chance that you’re still not on the same page after the shoot, you still have enough time to find a different photographer for your wedding.

6. Get to know your engagement photographer as best as you can. All photographers have a special shooting style that they can bring to the table– yours is no different. It’s important to learn to work together before your big day to ensure that there aren’t any mishaps. It’s not enough for a photographer to have a great portfolio as you will need to understand each other to accomplish something great.

If you’ve never thought about getting engagement photos professionally taken, then it’s time for you to reconsider. The minimal costs of professional photography make it a fantastic keepsake that you can enjoy for years to come! Also, your engagement photos are a great way to get to know your chosen photographer before the big day.

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